About The Book


Take a multidimensional journey along three timelines of reality. All three realities intersect at a catalyst event when an official emergency broadcast message is sent by text to alert the people of Hawaii of the imminent threat of an inbound nuclear missile. There is some overlap of the story within the three realities, but this overlap is presented to provide more than one perspective on the characters to explain how, in every moment, infinite possibility is available to the soul and soul family that seeks union with God and sovereignty of spirit.

The story begins just before the weapon strikes down in Honolulu. Davis, a middle-aged survivalist, begrudgingly allows Lotus, a teenager who lives next door to him, to share his tiny concrete bunker with him and his black cat, Merlin. Davis and Lotus make unlikely roommates—one believing that the world is ending, while the other espouses the dawning of a new era of peace. They tolerate each other curiously while the house cat, Merlin, brings magic into the bunker. Merlin is the conduit linking Davis’s and Lotus’s family together through psychic connection and the ability to trilocate into three timelines. This uplifting story of hope for humanity asks us to rise above the muck of broken families and nuclear threat to cocreate an era of peace.


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